Real D Game – Giant Temple

kuratas robot nightfall

“The legendary robot is sleeping in there.”

Year 4013.

The International astronomical observatory observed that the unprecedented ultra-huge meteorite is heading to Earth.
“Meteorite impact to Earth after an hour!”. Heartbreaking expected trotting around the world.
To deflect the trajectory of the meteorite is not in the science of the human race at the present time. The world is now up to the “super-savior machine legend”, save the crisis of the world, that it is the ultimate robot was created 2000 years ago.
The ability the robot even activate, is possible to change the trajectory of meteorites. Arrive at the temple, which is where the robot sleeps, at exactly one hour until the meteorite the fall to earth!
You solve the mystery of the temple of the old, will you be able to activate ...

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Kogoro Kurata | Make Anything


Kogoro Kurata

The man behind the giant kuratas battle mech, Kogoro Kurata shares how it all began – building his and every child’s wildest dream. Here is the interview video of the artist  who made KURATAS.

His motto is “make anything”.

I’d grown up seeing my father treating iron, and when I first gave it a try in my high school summer break, I did well. It was the starting point. It is so called “blacksmith”. Although I don’t make traditional samurai swords, I make iron garden door for instance, more like an architect’s job. But for now, actually I cannot explain what my job is, since I’ve been making such weird products. Once I made 1/1 AT Votoms, I recognized how to make big things. You know the next step is  how to “ride”...

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Custom Kuratas Robot


Build Your Own Custom Kuratas Robot

So, did you order your Kuratas robot yet? I know right, it’s a bit heavy in the pocket but hey, did you know that you can build your own custom Kuratas robot by trying out their build to order system? You don’t have to complete the order just build your own Kuratas, take a screenshot and share to your friends ;)

I’m thinkin of a “bumble bee” color scheme so here’s mine below:

Build Your Own Custom Kuratas Robot

Custom build kuratas using the build to order system.

Check out the build to order system here

When you’re in their build to order system, you can add these to your custom Kuratas robot:


  • Lohas launcher
  • Kuratas hand gun
  • Gatling gun
  • Organic rifle and
  • Pile bunker.


  • Carbon shield
  • Studless tire
  • Radio Unit
  • Shotproof
  • Pilotless Head
  • Third eye (coming soon)

You can also cho...

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Kuratas assembled in Wonder Festival 2012 Summer


Putting together a Kuratas isn’t as easy as buying it  for $1.3 million dollars.

Kuratas assembled in Wonder Festival 2012 Summer

The video above of the giant mech shows it being transported and assembled to Japan’s Wonder Festival 2012. Flatbeds, cranes and a whole lot of socket wrenches are involved in the process. Not minding all those, you’ve got a 13-foot tall robot you can climb inside to control with your iphone and shoot with a smile. The creators also created a video on how to ride the Kuratas so you can pilot it as safely as you can.

Features of the Kuratas below: 


KURATAS is the first giant boarding-robot, which is about four meters height. Robot pilot, an occupation most man would want to be, comes true at last.


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developed by Suidobashi Heavy Industry

HOW TO RIDE KURATAS 001. This video is created by Suidobashi Heavy Industry to ensure Kuratas owner pilot and safely operate the vehicle of “everyone’s wildest dream”.

Below is the video script on  HOW TO RIDE KURATAS 001.

Ride KURATAS 001 - Boarding 

In order to board, press the open cockpit button and board the Kuratas. After boarding, make sure that your head protector is fit and secure. Pressing the button on the cockpit will close the cockpit. Once inside the cockpit, make sure that the touch panel operation is operational.

Kuratas runs on a next generation robot Operating System known as V-Sido. Using V-Sido’s control system, you can move the arms and torso with the transform operation device...

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The Giant Kuratas Battle Mech

article-0-144561CE000005DC-245_634x385 Suidobashi Heavy Industry has unleashed their newest creation 2 days ago - the KR01 Kuratas robot Battle Mech.Read More