Remote Access Software GoToMyPC is a remote access service used for security. If you are sending the data in the computer there are several points through which the data travel and there is a chance of intercepting the data and reading it in the middle so this can be avoided by using the Remote Access Software. The basic encryption process has many types. First before sending the data into the computer the data is encrypted and it is travelled with the encrypted form throughout the network so even if it s intercepted it cannot be read or modified. Once it reaches the terminal point the data is decrypted. But itís important to maintain the private keys between the two computers and without the keys the data cannot be retrieved completely. The Remote Access Software is used by many companies that allow the employees to work all around the world. The manufacturers have worked hard to provide a safe and secure software product to use. There are many benefits associated with the remote access software for example it helps the company to keep track of all the employees working around the globe. The security of the software is highly developed by the manufacturers that the companies can easily trust the software that has excellent security features. Once you have decided to use the security service itís better to look for the best manufacturer which satisfies all your company needs. The cost depends on the type of programs you choose and the software works best for your company.