Custom Kuratas Robot


Build Your Own Custom Kuratas Robot

So, did you order your Kuratas robot yet? I know right, it’s a bit heavy in the pocket but hey, did you know that you can build your own custom Kuratas robot by trying out their build to order system? You don’t have to complete the order just build your own Kuratas, take a screenshot and share to your friends ;)

I’m thinkin of a “bumble bee” color scheme so here’s mine below:

Build Your Own Custom Kuratas Robot

Custom build kuratas using the build to order system.

Check out the build to order system here

When you’re in their build to order system, you can add these to your custom Kuratas robot:


  • Lohas launcher
  • Kuratas hand gun
  • Gatling gun
  • Organic rifle and
  • Pile bunker.


  • Carbon shield
  • Studless tire
  • Radio Unit
  • Shotproof
  • Pilotless Head
  • Third eye (coming soon)

You can also choose colors that will fit your personality and customize your coqpit like choosing an artificial leather seat or a genuine leather seat for an additional 12,000 USD. You can also add an iphone and drink holder to your order! Then lastly, add your cutom kuratas robot a  name, cool huh?

Of course the the total cost will be a bit too high now that we’ve added these features but we’re just trying it out right ;) Who knows, maybe one day we can buy our dream Kuratas robot.

Don’t forget to get a screenshot of your custom kuratas robot and submit it to our facebook page, I’m a bit curious what you have in mind. Share it to your wall as well, so your friends can try it out and get their own dream Kuratas. Enjoy building.

Check out the build to order system here

Build Your Own Custom Kuratas Robot

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