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HOW TO RIDE KURATAS 001. This video is created by Suidobashi Heavy Industry to ensure Kuratas owner pilot and safely operate the vehicle of “everyone’s wildest dream”.

Below is the video script on  HOW TO RIDE KURATAS 001.

Ride KURATAS 001 - Boarding 

In order to board, press the open cockpit button and board the Kuratas. After boarding, make sure that your head protector is fit and secure. Pressing the button on the cockpit will close the cockpit. Once inside the cockpit, make sure that the touch panel operation is operational.

Kuratas runs on a next generation robot Operating System known as V-Sido. Using V-Sido’s control system, you can move the arms and torso with the transform operation device. Also through the MasterSlave function, it is possible to control the arms directly.

Even without boarding, the Kuratas can be operated via 3G network. Through three methods, anyone can easily operate the Kuratas.

Movement of KURATAS 001

Kuratas’ top speed is about 10 kilometers an hour. The Kuratas can be driven in both high and low positions. Use the higher position to increase your field of view. It is gasoline fueled and runs on a diesel engine.

Weapon Systems – the Kuratas’ greatest feature.

The LOHAS launcher. Designed to be eco-friendly and safe for humans. The LOHAS launcher will not hurt anyone. The weapon lacks the ability to rotate or pivot. From time to time it will hit its target.

Twin Gatling Gun. This is able to unleash 6000 BB bullets a minute. Automatic alignment allows you to lock on your enemy target. Kuratas will not allow any wild target to escape. With the alignment set appropriately, the system will fire BB’s when the pilot smiles. This feature is called “THE SMILE SHOT”. You will be able to take out all enemies with a single smile. Be careful to not cause a shooting spree by smiling too much!

Disembarking KURATAS 001

Once Kuratas has come to a full stop, go ahead an open the cockpit. Check your surroundings and confirm that it’s safe to disembark.

kuratas disembarking

Jumping off the Kuratas is ill-advised.

Please use your feet and hands while climbing off. If needed, please use a step-ladder at your discretion.


There is no smoking allowed in the cockpit.

You will be able to make phone calls connecting through the cockpit’s phone connection.

In the rare case of the vehicle collapsing, please cover your head and assume a safe position to protect yourself from injury.

If you see smoke, flames, or smell anything strange, please exit the vehicle as soon as possible.

The risk of injury does exist, so please wear your head protector and convoy guard before operating the Kuratas.

5 comments to HOW TO RIDE KURATAS 001

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  • Paskia  says:

    One word: AMAZING! Can you build something like Gundam? :)

  • Robo 1to1  says:

    Great idea! Especially the smiling battlesystem seems like the future of modern warfare!

  • nobody of importance  says:

    This is Awesome!
    only downside, you would injure almost everyone around you from smiling too much.
    seriously, if i had one, i could never stop smiling.

  • WickedVixen  says:

    This is an incredible piece of hardware. I would love to have one, as I could use it (and lock it down with a few simple added commands into the OS) so only “authorized personnel” could use it. I would also love to promote these in the United States, as part of the Suidobashi Juuko team in the United States (if you don’t currently have a US branch).

    Please understand, the technology is incredible and reminds me of the quadruped robots from Ghost in the Shell and less like SD Gundam (though there are small similarities). The concepts you are developing are some of the best in the world!

    I admire your ingenuity and praise your skill! Your development team is as passionate and driven as you are; this is shown in the Kuratasu Operations Video. Does the Convoy Gear come with the purchase of the KR01, or can the gear be purchased separately?

    Thank you for bringing this into the modern age, and no longer in the imaginations and minds of manga and anime. This is a glory of modern technology! Keep up the awesome work.

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