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Kogoro Kurata

The man behind the giant kuratas battle mech, Kogoro Kurata shares how it all began – building his and every child’s wildest dream. Here is the interview video of the artist  who made KURATAS.

His motto is “make anything”.

I’d grown up seeing my father treating iron, and when I first gave it a try in my high school summer break, I did well. It was the starting point. It is so called “blacksmith”. Although I don’t make traditional samurai swords, I make iron garden door for instance, more like an architect’s job. But for now, actually I cannot explain what my job is, since I’ve been making such weird products. Once I made 1/1 AT Votoms, I recognized how to make big things. You know the next step is  how to “ride”. I want to know what I will feel if 13ft robot really moves. I guess it must not only be interesting, but also scary. Anyway, I want to find out.

I never learnt any specialized knowledge, and also my father has never expertly trained me. All whatI did was only looking at the surroundings and doing the same things. It’s somewhat like experience is the best teacher.

The most effective style of study is study as necessary. For example, I study about oil pressure when I need knowledge of oil pressure. And soon I apply it on works and see the results. I put my first priority on what I want to do, not on technique. I just move forward on what I want to do, and make it.

Kuratas is more like AT Votoms rather than MS Gundam. The point is that AT Votoms doesn’t need any specially trained pilot, MS Gundam need though. Anyone can ride. Anyone who bought Kuratas can ride on. It’s more like vehicles.

First, I just want to ride. After that, I want to enjoy survival games or hand-to-hand combat for example.

- Kogoro Kurata


Bonus Videos by Kogoro Kurata:

11 comments to Kogoro Kurata | Make Anything

  • cdude  says:

    Very interesting. There could most likely be a military use for these. You could attach an L3 communications MX-20 camera with far range telescoping vibration free views and Infra red at 20 miles, it is quite impressive. Smaller lighter ones are available, as I am sure

    Regarding the robot itself, very nice job. These are like multi-tasking tanks. You could imagine a patriot missile protection system or Israels iron dome system on one of these (larger of course).

    Even with a military dimension to this robot, what advantages would it have, to be worthwhile compared to systems already in use by the military?

    Although production of these things would certainly employ a lot of people … good for the economy in that sense. I won’t play devils advocate right now. It is a great piece of work!

    • aaa  says:

      screw the military prob some stupid ass american

  • [...] by japanese artist kogoro kurata and engineer wataru yoshizaki, the 13-foot heavy indstry robot is currently being exhibited at [...]

  • [...] by japanese artist kogoro kurata and engineer wataru yoshizaki, the 13-foot heavy indstry robot is currently being exhibited at [...]

  • [...] by japanese artist kogoro kurata and engineer wataru yoshizaki, the 13-foot heavy indstry robot is currently being exhibited at [...]

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  • Kayle  says:

    Can you please send me an email kogoro… kaylesmith@hotmail.com please please get ahold of me

  • Jitso Keizer  says:

    A man surprised his wife on her birthday with a look-alike robot to help in the household. One day at his office he got a call that his house was on fire, but the fire brigade had saved the already unconcious woman. Coming home he discovered that she was the robot.
    Therefore I propose the following robotica law:

    No robot shall have humanlike face

  • Patrick Hagerty  says:

    Im just curiose and I know this thing cost’s a bundle, but who actually bought a kuratus?

  • rizkyarrydesta  says:

    interesting!! XD i want to contribute in the design!! i love me ha design!

  • Harry  says:

    we need to do something like infinite stratos with this mech

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