The Giant Kuratas Battle Mech


Meet the Kuratas robot mecha, the million dollar robot which shoots when you smile and is controlled by iPhone.


A Japanese electronics company, Suidobashi Heavy Industry has unleashed their newest creation 2 days ago – the KR01 Kuratas Battle Mech. The Kuratas robot was unveiled in Japan today will go on sale for £900,000.oo.

Kuratas can be controlled by motion sensor technology in the one-man cockpit or through any phone with a 3G connection. The MasterSlave control system allows you to move a tiny version of the Kuratas – with an iPhone strapped to its back – to get the life-sized one to follow your bidding. Aside from the auto targeting feature, it is easy for those looking for sweet vengeance – the robot’s heavy artillery fires 6,000 bullet per minute when the pilot smiles.

It’s a 13 foot tall and sporting some rather menacing hardware, this badass million dollar robo-suit might be the future of mechanized combat, once they set it up to fire live ammo.

Its Engineers, Wataru Yoshizaki, Kogoro Kurata and Pilot Anna received salutations as they showcased the robot at the Wonder Festival in Chiba, suburban Tokyo earlier today.  They have been working on Kuratas since 2010. The company also released a video (see video below) where very attractive Anna gives step by step instructions of how to operate the Kuratas.:


The video reminds the viewer of the security instructions on an airplane with Anna taking on the role as futuristic airhostess.

If you are not the piloting kind of millionaire, Kuratas can be operated using what Suidobashi calls the ‘Master-Slave system’ where you control the robot’s movements from outside using any device with a 3G network such as an iPhone.

‘Automatic alignment allows you to lock on your enemy target. Kuratas will not allow any targets to escape.

‘With the alignment set appropriately the system will fire BBs when the pilot smiles.’


Female ‘pilot’ Anna.



24 comments to The Giant Kuratas Battle Mech

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    [...] Kuratas runs on a next generation robot Operating System known as V-Sido. Using V-Sido’s control system, you can move the arms and torso with the transform operation device. Also through the MasterSlave function, it is possible to control the arms directly. [...]

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  • Matias  says:

    Anna is hot, and the kurata is awsome, but it still needs a lot upgrades, the idea of making it’s surreal though.Love it and so her

    • josh  says:

      Take my money NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!

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  • Miscellaneous | Pearltrees  says:

    [...] The Giant Kuratas Battle Mech – Kuratas Robot A Japanese electronics company, Suidobashi Heavy Industry has unleashed their newest creation 2 days ago – the KR01 Kuratas Battle Mech. The Kuratas robot was unveiled in Japan today will go on sale for £900,000.oo. Homemade Apple font by Font Diner Themes | Free Powerpoint Templates Download free PowerPoint templates and PowerPoint backgrounds for your presentations. Powerpoint templates free download Index–Powerpoint templates free download Powerpoint templates free download,Powerpoint templates free download.ppt Powerpoint templates free download.pot [...]

  • dan  says:

    now they just need to get the arms to move faster and then it needs to come in diffrent sizes light armor class to heavy armor class

    • long  says:

      And up next: THe Gundam class !!!!

    • timothy  says:

      trully any one would buy that

    • timothy  says:

      any one would buy that if they made it

  • Danish Raza  says:

    I think it should be like we see in movies :P
    eg: battleship OR Terminator movies would be good example i guess !

    • timothy  says:

      more like a game

  • Hafidz Muttiillah  says:

    this is the real Mobile Suit Gundam, Kurata’s Version, I am sure he can jump anywhere

    • jarrad  says:

      in the suit

    • timothy  says:

      the kuratas is more like an armored core

  • jarrad  says:

    omg so good

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  • I want one of those....  says:

    [...] mmm battle-bot. [...]

  • Jetite  says:

    Home Safety Robot!

  • timothy m. roy  says:

    the idea to make a battle ready mech is one of the greatest ideas of human kind trully the thing that will go down in history as the greatest war mech as in the only war mech i am mech crazy but as all the people i talk to agrie that the kuratas will be the future

  • timothy  says:

    the kuratas will be the point of all war fighters in battle it will be the most technologicali advance in warfare when it gets all its ammo and weapons it will be the best peace of warfare out there

    • timothy  says:

      the kuratas is the best mech in the world i love it

  • theVillain  says:

    … this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life… imagine the mods… I don’t know how but I am going to buy one some day, of that you can be sure!

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