February 21, 2024

You have to wonder WHY Adam Schiff is already trying to pretend Russians will interfere in our 2024 Election. Honestly, he’s probably trying to plant the same doubt that Team Hillary did in 2016 just in case Trump wins. We all know Democrats can’t accept an actual loss so it’s always someone else’s fault.

And lately, their favorite go-to is RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA.

As Ateba says, HERE WE GO AGAIN.

You’d think even Schiff would figure out they need to change the record but … NOPE.

Also, we love how he tries blaming Psaki, hilarious.

Don’t they?

Right before our eyes.

That works.

Dependable. Honest. Reliable.


Oh, man. Now THAT is hilarious.

It’s what he does best.



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