May 24, 2024

So, buckle up, cause this is a long one, but worth it.

Earlier today, The Guardian doxxed X user Lomez, a Passage Press editor. Why? Passage Press is a right-leaning publishing house and, well, that’s just unacceptable.

You don’t despise the media enough

Read his entire threat.

We’ve written about how asinine The Guardian is, and what passes for ‘journalism’ there today.

And since everyone was dunking on The Guardian today, another X user pointed out a very eye-opening article from The Guardian from 2003. So the rot has been there for a long, long time.


Like, seriously, yikes.


Yes, it’s real.

And it only gets worse.

We’re gonna need a minute to process what we just read.

Yeah, we hate people who are attracted to children because it’s wrong.

But The Guardian wants us to have sympathy for them.

Hahahaha. No. Not happening.

We can spectulate.

Horrifying doesn’t begin to cover it.


We agree.

No reason. Just a nice woodchipper.

Disgusting, no?

It’s not.

And all the people who were concerned about it then were called bigots, etc. But we were right.

We don’t know if it’s possible to despise them as much as they deserve.