February 21, 2024

Border security (or lack thereof) is going to be a huge issue in the November election. The Biden White House and Democrats are laughably trying to blame Trump for the problem they created, but perhaps nobody symbolizes both Biden’s open border policies and leftist district attorney insanity quite like the “middle finger guy.” A man in the country illegally took part in an attack on New York City police officers was arrested, but immediately released without bail and then smugly flipped the bird for the cameras.

That optic was begging to be in an anti-Biden ad, and a pro-Trump Super Pac has delivered. 


Biden’s not going to do a Super Bowl halftime interview so maybe the Republicans should buy some of that time and just show this ad.

And the best part is that it’s…

There’s no need to stretch the truth when it comes to how damaging to the country the Biden administration has been.



How Long Would Biden’s Confusion Have Continued If Not for This Assist From a Reporter?


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