May 28, 2024

The alternate headline to this post could be “Secretary of State and Part Time Bar Rocker Antony Blinken Says Ukraine Elections Will Be Indefinitely Delayed Until Democracy Is Fully Restored.”

What will not be indefinitely delayed is shipments of $$$$ and equipment from the U.S.:

This makes it sound like there won’t be any elections in Ukraine for a long time: 

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that Ukraine will hold elections when all Ukrainians – including those now living in Russian territory – decide the time is right. Blinken’s conditions essentially permit Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to postpone a vote unless these territories are recaptured.

“We’re working with the government and civil society groups to shore up Ukraine’s election infrastructure,” Blinken said in a speech at Kiev Polytechnic Institute on Tuesday.

Blinken helped make it clear that the club scene in Kyiv is still going strong: 


Blinken kept the bunker rockin’ while he was in Kyiv (provided the bar he was playing in was called “The Bunker”):

It’s a total mystery (insert massive eye roll here).

Everything is completely upside-down.

Meanwhile, the presidential candidate Biden and the Democrats would like everybody to believe is an “authoritarian” threat is facing multiple prosecutions, because projection is all the Dems have at this point.