February 21, 2024

We knew the MSM would be circling the wagons fast after Biden’s no good, terrible, horrible week after the release of the special counsel’s report about how he kept classified documents in his garage but wouldn’t be charged because of a declining mental state.

The AP now has a story that will make the Biden White House happy: 

They couldn’t possibly be more predictable. 

Any parent who’s ever called one of their children by the other’s name — or even the family pet’s name — likely could empathize when President Joe Biden mixed up the names of French leaders Macron and Mitterrand.

The human brain has trouble pulling names out of stuffed memory banks on cue. But when are those and other verbal stumbles normal, and when might they be a sign of cognitive trouble?

“When I see somebody make a flub on TV, I’m really not all that concerned,” said well-known aging researcher S. Jay Olshansky of the University of Illinois at Chicago. “What science will tell you about flubs is that they’re perfectly normal, and they are exacerbated by stress for sure.”

Oh please. There’s flubs and then there’s whatever we’ve been seeing from Biden that’s gotten increasingly bad over the last three years. 

Is it “pretty common” for somebody to forget when they were the Vice President? And that person is currently the U.S. president. 


Right? There are reasons they won’t do that, and it has nothing to do with concerns over “classified information” being discussed.

We knew it was coming.

It’s a “lifelong stuttering problem,” according to many Biden defenders. Here’s proof… well, maybe not: 

Wow, Biden’s always had a really bad stutter (cue massive eye roll)!


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