March 4, 2024

The bill that would have supposedly “secured” (very loosely) the southern border while sending tens of billions in aid to Ukraine and Israel is dead in the Senate. 

The Associated Press just couldn’t help but do a bit of editorializing in reporting the story:

The AP continues to do the heavy lifting for one side.

Right there in the AP’s “blame Republicans” story they eventually noted that a half dozen Democrats voted against forwarding the legislation:

Four Republicans voted to move forward with the legislation and six Democrats voted against it, some of whom said the border compromise went too far.

It is unclear if enough Republicans will vote to move ahead with the standalone legislation for the wartime aid, which also would need 60 votes in the 51-49 Senate. If it did pass, it would still take days for the Senate to reach a final vote.


The backlash to this bill started when people dared to actually take the time to read what was in it.

At least they mentioned it… eventually.

No more “pass it to find out what’s in it.” Keep finding out what’s in these things first.

The “fix” might be easy. Just submit the border stuff, the Ukraine funding and the Israel funding as three stand-alone bills. For some reason, a lot of senators don’t want to do that. Also, Biden could secure the border all on his own but just doesn’t want to. 


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