March 4, 2024

Looks like yet another company is signing up for the Bud Light treatment. This week, Bonds — a 100-year-old Australian underwear company — unveiled a new campaign to appeal to the ‘nonbinary’ and LGBTQ+ community (who probably never have and never will shop there). 

Bonds was fundamentally a women’s underwear company for most of its history. They have produced clothing for men (and more recently, kids) throughout their history, but there is no question that their success and longevity are primarily due to their appeal to women.

Now, it appears that Bonds, like so many other companies in recent years, doesn’t seem to know the difference between men and women. 

WTAF?? The best part about this new line is how it helps men cover any unseemly chest hair (or maybe the ‘spacious’ panties that make room for parts that no woman has). We’re not sure what other purpose that sports bra could possibly serve for men … but then again, maybe Ron Perlman could use it.

According to Bonds, the new line is part of a limited edition ‘Pride campaign.’ Again, WHAT? Is it time for Pride Month again already? Don’t we already have about a million months, weeks, and days throughout the year for the gender cult? 

In a result that Bonds should have seen coming from about 100,000 miles away, the company’s website was flooded with one-star reviews and angry comments following the release of the campaign. Twitter rightly showed no mercy either. 


But even though plenty of men weighed in, it is the disgusted responses from WOMEN — Bonds’ primary consumer base — that the company will feel most harshly. 

And it didn’t take long for many people — men and women alike — to call for the inevitable next step. 

Well, there certainly are SOME women who cheer and applaud this nonsense, but based on the company’s website reviews and the reaction on Twitter, there don’t seem to be a whole lot of them. Again, Bonds has no customers who were clamoring for this. And the people who ARE clamoring for it will never become Bonds’ customers. 

Lots of people will boycott them though. As previously mentioned, Bonds is not a huge brand for men anyway. If women in Australia (and around the world) shop elsewhere, Bonds will feel it. 

Of course, there were lots of jokes about the ‘roomy’ bottoms as well. 

But by far the best joke of the entire campaign was the one that Bonds played on itself. 

It’s true. If you go to the Bonds website and look at the bra and bottoms that the man is wearing in this ad, the chart shows what size to order based on … wait for it … men’s and women’s sizes. 

LOL. Why no ‘nonbinary’ size chart? 

Bonds could not be making more of a mockery of themselves and their woke ideology if they tried. 

But it’s less funny how they are making a mockery of women. Hopefully, their bottom line will soon teach them the hard, Bud Lite lesson they are asking for so desperately. 

* * *

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