May 24, 2024

Where is Mayor Pete? A little over a month after a barge hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing a deadly collapse, another barge has hit the Pelican Island Causeway in Galveston, TX. This time, it collapsed a rail line and cut off access to a small island.


No, we didn’t.

Yep. Back in mid-April, several barges broke loose and floated down the Ohio River, too.

Our question exactly.

+1000 for the ‘Tropic Thunder’ reference.

It’s fine. Totally fine.

What a fantastic graphic.



We kinda think so too.

Yes, again.

The new normal. Or something.


Perhaps. Gotta watch out for those racist bridges.

Sure feels that way.

Oh, goody.

We’re glad there are no injuries.

Solid advice.

Well, at least there was a post about it.