March 4, 2024

Illustration: Binay Sinha

The Bharatiya Janata Party will enter this election, as it does every election, as if it is fighting to prevent a 2004-style defeat. This is a party that wins big because it always behaves as if its back is to the wall, writes Mihir S Sharma Read here

In other views

Despite being from the mainland, the directors of Nocturnes and Flickering Lights were able to faithfully document stories from northeast India by building bridges first, writes Ranjita Ganesan. Read here

There are some optimistic projections from many in the government that the economy will hit $10 trillion by 2030. It won’t, barring a severe collapse of the US dollar. Nonetheless, barring Black Swans, India should cross into upper-middle income territory by around 2030, writes Devangshu Datta. Read here

If India wants to build a robust computer and electronics manufacturing industry, it needs to shift focus, fast. Instead of concentrating on the domestic market, it should become regionally competitive and export-driven. That means recognising that Vietnam, not China, is its biggest rival, writes Tim Culpan. Read here



“The largest electorate in the world— 968.8 million are registered to vote for the forthcoming general elections in India.”


Election Commission of India

First Published: Feb 10 2024 | 6:30 AM IST