April 25, 2024

Oh, boy. Here we go again. 

Barely a fortnight after the media and Democrats (not to be redundant) stepped on every rake in the world trying to take Donald Trump’s ‘bloodbath’ comment about the economy out of context through deceptive editing, the Biden-Harris campaign decided yesterday to give it another go with their Adobe Premiere skills. 

This time, they tried to deceive everyone that Trump called all immigrants ‘animals.’ 

Gosh, that sounds pretty bad if true. 

Fortunately for everyone, it was even LESS true than the mythical bloodbath lie. Wouldn’t you know it, those darn Democrats chopped up Trump’s speech AGAIN. 

It turns out that Trump was actually talking about Laken Riley’s killer (if Joe Biden isn’t sure who that is, just tell him it was ‘Lincoln’ Riley) and other illegal immigrants just like him who have committed horrifically violent crimes. Watch: 

As a quick reminder, Riley’s killer beat her head in so badly when he killed her that he crushed her skull. Kind of sounds like an animal to us. 

Fortunately, Twitter was having absolutely NONE of it this time around. 


Don’t expect an answer to that question from any Democrat. And don’t expect the mainstream media to ask the Biden-Harris campaign why they continue to chop up videos so they can campaign on lies. The media loves the lies. 

We haven’t seen a pending Community Note on the tweet yet, but hopefully, there will be one there soon. 

That’s funny, using the phrase ‘high moral ground’ in reference to Biden and Harris. We wonder if ‘doctor’ Jill Biden still thinks ‘decency is on the ballot.’

Glenn Kessler, Daniel Dale, Snopes, and PolitiFact must all be on vacation … again. 

HAHAHA. That’s perfect. 

Is Hillary Clinton running the campaign now? Never mind. We didn’t just say that (except, yes, we just said that).

Don’t forget that Biden even APOLOGIZED for calling Riley’s killer an ‘illegal.’

Of course, leave it to the apparatchik media like MSNBC to pick up on the lie with no questions asked. 

Charlie Sykes should be ashamed of himself, except we all know that the media doesn’t know the meaning of the word. What was that you were saying about ‘basic truth’ and the ‘honest journalists’ at NBC News again, Chuck Todd? 

Happily, we haven’t seen too many other journalists in the mainstream media picking up on the lie though … yet.

Sorry, we said ‘journalists.’ Luke Zaleski doesn’t qualify. 

Would it be too much to hope that many newspapers and other outlets might have learned their lesson after their own ‘bloodbath’ recently? 

Yes, probably so. 

Let’s be brutally honest here. What else does Biden have to campaign on? His record? 

Everyone in the Biden administration should be forced to watch that video … on a loop … A Clockwork Orange style. 

There were plenty of other ‘influencers’ in the replies trying to push the hoax too, not just Zaleski. We won’t bother you with mindless dweebs like Harry Sisson, but here’s one from ‘comedian’ Pete Dominick. 

You want to know why those officers stood behind him and supported what he was saying, Pete? First of all, they listened to the entire clip and not the Biden campaign’s disgraceful, gaslighting edit. 

But more importantly, those officers see the crimes being committed by illegal aliens every day. They know Trump is right. 

And no amount of video hackery from the Biden campaign can change that truth. 


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