May 28, 2024

If there’s one thing Democrats know how to do, it’s projection, and Joe Biden has been caught doing what he and his party claimed was an impeachable offense when Donald Trump was involved.

Buried in a glowing Times report written by far-left columnist Peter Baker is a mention that’s raising some eyebrows and will no doubt be of interest to Congressional Republicans. In the piece, the president is painted as a stalwart defender of human rights standing up to the evil Israeli government, but amid the tongue bath is an admission that the White House hid a call readout to avoid public backlash. 

That revelation comes just days after Biden was caught stopping aid shipments to Israel in an effort to regain his domestic political footing, yet another thing Democrats have assured us is impeachable. 

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It was an extraordinary moment. For the first time, the president who had so strongly backed Israel’s war against Hamas was essentially threatening to change course. The White House, however, kept the threat secret, making no mention of it in the official statement it released about the call. And indeed, the private warning, perhaps too subtle, fell on deaf ears.

I seem to distinctly remember one of the impeachment accusations against Donald Trump being that he hid the readout of the now-infamous “perfect phone call” with Volydymr Zelensky on a secure system. That was spun as an abuse of power and part of a vast cover-up. Yet, here we have the Biden administration straight-up deleting parts of a readout with Benjamin Netanyahu for purely political reasons, i.e. to stop the public from finding out and opposing his decision to cut Israel off at the knees. 

Here’s how the Post described Trump’s actions in a 2019 article.

The complaint said the transcript was “loaded into a separate electronic system that is otherwise used to store and handle classified information of an especially sensitive level.” According to the whistleblower, “one White House official described this act as an abuse of this electronic system because the call did not contain anything remotely sensitive from a national security perspective.”

The accusation of a coverup was another damning revelation in a tumultuous week for the White House. 

So putting a presidential call on a secure system used to store classified information is a “cover-up” and a threat to democracy, but Biden taking a blowtorch to a readout he found politically damaging is fine because…reasons?

Republican Cory Mills recently filed articles of impeachment against Biden surrounding his holding up of aid to Israel. No doubt, the news of the attempted cover-up of that decision will be of great interest to any possible impeachment inquiry. Will anything happen past that? Of course, not. Democrats have already set the precedent that impeachments will simply be “dismissed” by the Senate if any member of the Biden administration is targeted. 

Still, it’s the kind of thing the GOP should want out in the public. It paints Biden as a cynical old man who is willing to kowtow to terrorists for cheap political gain. That’s not going to help his case in an already contentious election cycle.