May 28, 2024

On Monday, it was one of those rare occasions when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris attended the same event. You know when that happens, it can increase the gaffe/cackling possibilities.

It was an event at the White House celebrating “Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.”

Harris immediately got in an introductory obligatory cackle, telling those who could take a seat to take it. 

But then Joe started speaking and slurring, it almost made you want to go back to the cackling. He said that “worked for Kamala Harris” and that he picked Kamala to be his running mate because he needed “somebody smarter than me.”

If Kamala is smarter than him (and she may well be), that tells you just how much trouble we are in. 

Now this would be very funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous that this guy is occupying the Oval Office. Watch as he completely gets lost in the teleprompter and has no idea what he’s saying here. 

“There is no singular Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander identity and diversity in those cultures, the breadth of achievement, and shape the strength and fabric of this country,” Biden said as he squinted intently at the teleprompter and completely failed to make sense.

Yikes, there is no singular identity or diversity in those cultures or breadth of achievement? Really, Joe? Do you know what you just said? I’m not sure exactly what he was trying to say there. But but not only did he mess it up, I think he left out some rather critical words there. 

What was that acronym, Joe? 

I don’t think he had no idea. 

But one thing you would think he should know, after more than three years, was Kamala’s name. But he mispronounced her name again. 

How does he keep getting it wrong? Media yells at anyone else who can’t get it right, where’s the criticism for him on this? What does that say about him and what he thinks about her when he can’t even be bothered to get it right? 


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