May 20, 2024

The Biden administration promised a return to norms and decency, global respect, and all sorts of other things if we just put them in the White House.


How’s that going?

Not only has Biden betrayed Israel and left American hostages to rot in the hands of Hamas terrorists, they want to ‘wrap up’ a war HAMAS STARTED by installing a PA-Hamas coalition government.

Because that’ll bring peace. Or something.

More from Times of Israel:

More than seven months into the Israel-Hamas war, the Biden administration’s top priority is to try and secure a hostage deal. This would commence a weeks-long truce, but Washington’s goal is for that pause to be turned permanent.

“If we can get a ceasefire, we can get something more enduring and then maybe end the conflict,” White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said this month.

What appears less clear, though, is how pushing for this ceasefire squares with another US commitment, which is to eliminate the threat of Hamas.

The two objectives seem to clash, because they do clash.


A ceasefire will empower Hamas. The only way to lasting peace in the region is to obliterate Hamas — which the U.S. classifies as a terrorist organization.

The Palestinians elected Hamas.

What makes any of us think they’d vote differently in the wake of October 7?

What a joke.

November is coming. The Biden administration is getting nervous about those votes in Dearborn.

Yep. We all saw this coming.

Oblivious or intentionally aware?

Either way, not good.

Putting it mildly.

What’s the definition of insanity again?

Yep. He’ll sell out Israel for electoral victory.

It really is.

Israel will never agree to this.

Remarkably stupid.

Because he wants votes in Dearborn.

That’s all this is.

See what we said above. It’s an election year.

And it’ll continue to get worse.

Yes, they’ve given up. That’s clear.

That war.