May 28, 2024

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are so bad that he’s challenging Donald Trump to a debate, under his own rules. The Biden camp is obviously desperate, but the New York Post says that Biden is planning an executive order to limit crossings at the border. Wait, we thought he needed Congress to give him the authority to close down the border? That’s why he wanted so badly to pass that bipartisan aid package to Ukraine that threw a couple of bucks at our own border. But suddenly he can issue executive orders, like all the ones Trump had issued and were working that he voided on his first day in office?

Josh Christenson and Jennie Taer report:

President Biden is planning executive action that would allow him to shut down the US-Mexico border once the number of migrant crossings reaches 4,000 per day, a source close to the White House told The Post Wednesday.

The order would match a provision in the bipartisan border bill that failed to pass the Senate in February, which gave the president authority to expel migrants when border crossings reached the same daily average.

The legislative proposal would have given the homeland security secretary discretionary authority to carry out removals — but would have made deportations mandatory when illegal entries surpassed 5,000 per day over a one-week period.

So it’s the same provision that would have let in 1.8 million illegal immigrants a year? The Border Patrol reported more than 300,000 encounters in December alone.

We’re not buying it.


Is it just us, or does 4,000 a day still seem like a whole lot?

Name anything Biden has done this term to stem the flow of illegal immigration. Just one thing.

Voters don’t want 4,000 illegal immigrants a day.