February 21, 2024

It’s become clear that the only way Biden-supporting Democrats think they can “save democracy” is by trying to make sure voters have only one candidate to choose from on the November ballot.

First up, the DNC is trying to keep RFK Jr. from hurting Biden’s chances:

And then there’s the Biden campaign’s other problem, and that’s Donald Trump, who according to polls has a lead in all seven swing states. 

Add it all up and in addition to the Biden White House being angry at the DOJ over the Hur report, they are also apparently “furious” at AG Merrick Garland for not putting the president’s likely November opponent on trial fast enough to affect the election (the Dems would call this “election interference” if the roles were reversed): 


Remember, this is the same bunch of people who want everybody to believe Trump is the wannabe authoritarian dictator. 

Coming from Biden and the Dems, “Trump wants to be a dictator” is 100 percent pure projection. 

All while we’re expected to believe that Trump is the “threat to democracy.”

Can you imagine?

As usual, if you want to know what Biden and the Dems are doing just listen to what they’re accusing Trump of, and there’s your answer.


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