May 28, 2024

After his campaign pivoted to a ‘less is more’ strategy and amid ongoing struggles with teleprompters  and questions about his mental fitness, President Biden has said he’s ready to debate Trump:


First of all, why would Trump show up for a debate between presidential campaigns?

The follow up post is also a doozy:

The guy who is using lawfare to go after his political opponent is talking about ‘revenge and retribution’. That’s adorable.

The guy who is trying to get RKF, Jr. thrown off the ballot talking about democracy is even more adorable.

And what ‘grassroots’ team? The Obama holdovers? Hahahahaha.

Notice something, too. This is a fourteen second video. There are — by this writer’s count — five cuts.

He’s fine. It’s just a stutter.

We remember.


Yes, he would.

Like we said — five cuts in a fourteen second video.

This writer has saved the video for when they backpedal on this.

Glad we’re not the only ones who noticed.

Steps are his biggest opponent.

President Ron Burgundy.

Yes he did.

No lies detected.

We will be watching those debates.

Don’t forget this.

How can he make it through an hour long debate?

There’s no way Biden wins this.

If they try to back out of the debates for any reason, this video bites them on the butt.

If he does badly in the debates, the contrast between Biden’s mental faculties and Trump’s will be evident.

What are they thinking?

A possibility.

Someone else who understood the ‘make my day’ reference.

Buy stock in adderall, y’all.

It really is confirmation they’re concerned.

It’s going to be a disaster.

An earpiece? Which will be hilarious if he can’t handle a teleprompter.

It’s about to get crazy up in here.