May 20, 2024

The November elections are just a little less than six months away so anything could happen until that time, but from time to time it’s interesting to look at a snapshot of how the race is shaping up.

President Biden did an interview this week on CNN that amazingly, though not surprisingly, contained almost one lie per minute. Also on that cable net was more bad news for the Biden campaign that also indicates the Left’s haste to heap indictments on Trump continues to backfire on the Dems:ย 

For the Biden campaign, the trajectory has to be disturbing, and all they have as a strategy is to lie about how great everything’s going. It’s not working.

BERMAN: I’ve got to say, the not enough is virtually nothing here. In general, what is Biden’s support among those who were with him before?

ENTEN: Yes, this, I think, is the key point. Biden versus Trump 2024 poll margin. The reason Trump’s ahead, he’s holding on to more of his base right now of that 2020 voters leading by 81 points. Biden’s just holding on, winning among that group by 73 points. That’s the story of this election. It’s why Trump is in much better position than he was four years ago.

BERMAN: These are really interesting numbers.


Of course, all this polling has the additional margin of error of plus or minus any shenanigans when counting the votes on and around Election Day.ย 

How are all those indictments working out so far, Democrats?

Live look at Biden’s remaining supporters:

Recently a Biden adviser said that the president will indeed debate Donald Trump. We’ll believe that when we see it.