March 4, 2024

Despite the media spin on Biden’s mental acuity, the days since Special Counsel released its findings on the Biden documents case have not been good for the President. At all.

The disastrous presser Biden held only made it worse, and that’s being reflected in polling.


More people think Biden is tool old than think the Earth is round.

That’s terrible for Biden.

A ten point jump in a week.

When the New York Times is telling you you’re not accessible enough, it’s a problem.

Here’s the details from The Hill:


A new ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted in the days after a special counsel’s report detailed President Biden’s lack of recall found that 86 percent of Americans believe he is too old to serve in office.

Biden, 81, is the oldest president to run for office. His likely GOP opponent in the 2024 election, former President Trump, is 77. The poll found that 59 percent of Americans believe both Biden and Trump are too old.

The poll was conducted in the two days after special counsel Robert Hur released his report on Biden’s handling of classified documents, in which the president was described as a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.” The descriptions of Biden’s memory once again injected the issue of age into Biden’s reelection campaign.


Biden can’t increase his media appearences.

As for Hillary, Newsom, or Michelle Obama running? Heaven help us all.

They either work in the media or are members of the Biden family.

As to this question, see above, and also: we don’t know.

The polls don’t estimate turnout or enthusiasm, or at least this one doesn’t.

The question is do these voters feel strongly enough that Biden’s age is an issue they’ll go vote?

A fair point, but it’s clear on either front Biden is no longer up to the task. Painfully clear.

At least some of the media are reporting this, as opposed to telling us Biden is fine.

Just incredible numbers.

As of right now, the Democrats are standing behind Biden as the nominee and the media are in damage mode.

Scary thought.

Maybe Biden’s finally united the country. Just not as he planned.


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