February 21, 2024

We fully expect Joe Biden to blame everyone and anyone for his missteps and crap policies this year as we get closer and closer to the election. For example, he claims to have created over 14 million jobs and we all know this is a lie. He really is shameless.

Welp, looks like he’s trying to blame corporations for his inflation as well.

It’s as if he doesn’t think we know WHY these corporations are doing what they’re doing with their products to stay in business in his crap economy.

Watch this:

We’re calling on Biden to stop destroying our economy and decimating our dollar.

Hey, us saying that is as useful as him pretending corporations are just shrinking products to make more money.

Unmitigated disaster fits so well.


This. ^

We’re going to bet they had to film it in several different takes because he couldn’t remember his lines and kept forgetting where he was. Hell, he might have actually fallen asleep at one point, who knows?

Winner winner chicken dinner.



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