May 24, 2024

We’re pretty darned use to Joe Biden lying and exaggerating by now. But since he can’t run on his record — not the economy, not the border, not crime — it’s all they’ve got.

There’s that pejorative again: MAGA Republicans.

Let’s remind you that the Trump tax cuts — the ones Biden is going to let expire — were a major help to the middle class. The Left, who can’t do math, was mad because people who paid more in taxes got more money back. Because that’s how numbers work, but the point remains: it was a benefit to the middle class more than those awful billionaires.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration swears if you make less than $400,000, they won’t raise your taxes one cent.

Letting Trump’s tax cuts expire will raise taxes on everyone, including the middle class.


That’s all they’ve got.

It’s not bad enough families are paying $10,000 or more for the same things they’ve bought in past years, the government has to take more of our hard earned money, too.

Yes he is.



Yes — in a refreshing, albeit unintentional, moment of honesty Biden did say a vote for him is a vote for raising your taxes.

As usual.


Remember that.

And wait until the tax cuts expire.

Not a darned thing.

But only now he’ll fix the problem.

Because election season is here.

They don’t care.

They sure have been.

Don’t ask tough questions. Just pay your taxes.

It really is.

In Leftist math, $100,000 equals $400,000 apparently.

Yes, please stop.

Don’t forget that they are fighting to end those tax cuts and raise your taxes.

Not Trump.

Not ‘special interests.’

The Democratic Party and Joe Biden.