May 20, 2024

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, where sons and daughters everywhere show their appreciation for their moms. 

But for President Biden and his reelection campaign, it was a time to try and convince women they’ll have no rights, including the right to an abortion if Donald Trump wins in November. This suggestion for what to get your mom for Mother’s Day is so touching:

The Left’s messaging on Mother’s Day is always as disgusting as it can get. 

That message is pretty much on brand for Biden and the Democrats, especially on Mother’s Day.

“How to argue with your Trump-voting mother on Mother’s Day.” Nobody tries to wreck holidays quite like the Democrats.


Maybe they’ll get around to that next year.

Inspiring! The “you all need help” part sounds like projection of the highest order, as did the Biden campaign’s claim that Trump’s bad for women’s rights:


Reality doesn’t matter in the fictional universe Biden and the Democrats are trying to create.