March 2, 2024

Last week, we wrote about the Boston neighborhood that saw its community center closed to residents in favor of housing illegal immigrants. Residents were not happy, to say the least.

So we have to wonder how this soundbite from Boston city councilwoman Julia Mejia is going to play, especially in the aforementioned neighborhood:

‘Shared responsibility?’

And who exactly needs to ‘open their doors’?

Earlier this year, a councilman in a suburb of Chicago suggested residents ‘sign up’ to house illegal immigrants in their private homes. Given tenants’ rights and squatter laws, this is — legally — a terrible idea.


These sacrifices are to be made by the little people, after all.

This was a very common refrain.


We doubt she’ll ever answer this question, or that anyone in the media will even ask her.

Shocker, right?

Given the Left’s disregard for the First, Second, and Tenth Amendments, might as well ignore the Third, too.

We’re going to see why the Third is just as important as the other ones.

The only question now is which city tries to force residents to house illegal immigrants first. Boston? Chicago? New York? Los Angeles? Place your bets.

Yes, you did.

Look at this perfectly reasonable, logical question that the administration won’t answer (and the media won’t ask).

We hope the backlash is severe enough this terrible idea dies and never resurfaces.

But we aren’t that optimistic.

Keep sending them.

But it’s a ‘shared responsibility.’ Or something.

They really revealed the whole ‘sanctuary city’ thing was just virtue signaling, didn’t they?

When the rubber met the road, they weren’t willing to live up to their own moral code.

So do we.

How do we fix this?

Solid advice.

They’re the ones that got you into this mess, and they’re only going to make it worse.


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