March 2, 2024

As Twitchy readers know, the guy who once ate an entire bucket of fried chicken to make some bizarre political statement, Steve Cohen, made yet another bizarre political statement about the Black National Anthem at yesterday’s Super Bowl.

He was quite upset that very few people stood for it.

He also called it something else …


Well, seeing as the tweet was really bad and Cohen is a serious dill-hole, our lovely and talented freelancer, Artist Angie, wrote about it as it was very clearly Twitchy material. Seems Cohen was not too happy about the post.

He tried shaming her FIRST in a DM.

For those of you not on Twitter, a DM is a private message. 

What a creepy weirdo.



Then, when that didn’t work, as she said he tried to play the QT game with her.


This didn’t go well, either.


She has made this Twitchy editor so proud. *sniff sniff*

Meanwhile, the mockery and dragging continue:


PS: There will be no correction. Just sayin’.



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