April 25, 2024

Boy oh boy, our pals on the Left love pretending we’re a true Democracy so they can push the ridiculous notion that Trump will DESTROY democracy in this country knowing full well it’s not true. We suppose when all they really have to run on is limitless abortion and a leaky southern border they need SOMETHING to make them feel better about their crap agenda.

But Tom Elliott says, ‘Nah.’ 

He’s not even giving them ‘MUH DEMOCRACY.’ Check out his 16 reasons Biden is worse for democracy than Trump is.

Awww yes, parents were domestic terrorists for wanting their kids in the classroom.

The nerve.

Gosh, this seems like something a dictator would do. 


But but but they’re a DANGER to democracy and stuff.



Hey now, that money isn’t going to launder itself ya’ know. Ahem.


Better not cross his boss Zelenskyy.


And none of us is surprised.

They’re still trying.

Authoritarians are gonna authoritarian.

That leaky border is no accident.

Now why oh why would that do that?

Scary stuff.

But you know, they really care about democracy.


Oh, and in case the haters want to claim Tom just put this together because he’s a big ol’ Trump supporter:

And fin.



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