May 28, 2024

We’re all familiar with all the American university students staging pro-Palestinian protests on their respective campuses recently, but this is not exclusive to the U.S. 

At the University of Calgary in Canada on Thursday morning, protestors had set up tents on the south lawn of MacEwen Hall. By the afternoon, about 20 tents and around 40 protesters were on site. By Thursday evening, their ranks were increased by people bringing refreshments and joining in pro-Palestinian chants. Calgary police were preparing Thursday night to remove protesters.

According to the Calgary Herald, the Calgary Police Service posted at 8:30pm, as officers in riot gear approached the encampment, ‘Protesters in violation of trespass are now subject to charge and removal. All members of the public, staff and students are advised to stay away from the area.’

Enter Dr. Mukarram A.Zaidi, an X user whose bio reads ‘Family Physician, Son, husband, father & friend. Chair – Think for Actions, Teacher,Activist, Epidemiologist, Population Health Risk Assessment and Management,’ from Calgary, Canada. He was gracious enough to share photos of the horrific assault on those poor, innocent, terrorist-sympathizing students. Enjoy a chuckle at these photos he shared in a three-post thread:


(This writer had to get a screenshot of the third tweet in the thread due to technical difficulties.)

It seems the good doctor is playing it fast and loose with the word ‘brutal’.

The comments to these photos were far more brutal than the ‘attack’ by Calgary Police and we are HERE FOR IT!

Right?! And then our dads would just tell us to rub some dirt on it and walk it off.

Well, there it is. The world’s tiniest violin.

Full disclosure, this writer has injured herself doing this more than a few times.

Very fair point there.

We can only hope so.

The sheer level of arrogant narcissism required to think you have any effect whatsoever on foreign affairs by skipping class is somewhat impressive, though. These children have been ruined by a generation of parents trying to be their friend instead of, you know, PARENTING them.

It’s past time we stop coddling these Mensa rejects.