March 2, 2024

It takes a special kind of depravity to look at a story as horrific as the rape of a child and have your first thought be ‘but this story might help evil conservatives!’, but if there’s one thing that our Canadian cousins to the north seem to be well stocked in these days it’s a cynical moral depravity it seems. So it is that the Canadian news network CTV, a news network owned by Canadian media conglomerate Bell Media, looked at a story about a group of migrants in Italy gang raping a 13 year old girl in a park in Sicily and their first thought was ‘Gee, this story seems like it’ll help those awful far right folk! That’s no good!’

The article itself notes that this isn’t an isolated incident but is rather part of a horrifying trend that’s been going on in Italy… last year there were apparently two separate instances of groups of migrant men and boys horrifically raping people, in one instance a 19-year-old girl and in another two cousins who were 10 and 12 years old at the time. But clearly the real story here is how this will help those evil far right folks and their completely inexplicable distrust of random unvetted migrants being flooded into their country without any real background checks, right?

Yes, being against violating women and young girls is apparently a far-right issue now… which makes the far-right seem like the good guys, right? It might explain why Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni’s ‘Brothers of Italy’ party is doing so well in polling there… since the alternatives we assume aren’t prepared to jump onboard the anti-child rape bandwagon for fear of offending immigrants.


They’re certainly trying to let them know, it seems!

How do these people sleep at night?

Hopefully the Canadian left takes out some billboards with this message, it’s unlikely that the Canadian Conservative Party or its leader Pierre Poilievre would object.

It seems to follow!

We really need to get out of this mindset we’ve fallen into where everything has to be seen as part of a larger political narrative and, if your enemy is against it, then you and your fellow travelers then must be for it (or against being against it at least). Liberals and open border absolutists don’t seem to have the self-reflection capability to see how insane their positions have become as they’ve pushed harder and harder against Conservatives who just want to have an orderly (legal!) immigration system. But really, if you find yourself bemoaning the gang-rape of children not for the action itself but for being something that your opponent may ‘pounce’ on you’re likely too far gone to ever come back… because that’s crazy. Thankfully Italy had the good sense to elect a leader who seems to be interested and willing in pushing back against this insanity and let’s hope Canada follows suit, the sooner the better. 


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