May 28, 2024

An unidentified car driver hit and ran over a staff member of Kashi toll plaza situated on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway in the Paratapur region. A video of the incident, which has gone viral on the web, shows the driver arguing with the female toll supervisor, after which he was seen suddenly accelerating the car which led to the woman falling over the bonnet and subsequently being run over by the driver. 

The car driver fled from the scene. The female toll worker was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. A police complaint has been filed and officials are investigating the CCTV camera installed at the tollgate to recognize the accused.


What does the manager have to say about the Toll plaza incident?

Anil Sharma, the manager of the Kashi Toll Plaza, said about the incident in a statement to ANI, “A car coming from Delhi misbehaved with our staff. Upon asking for the toll, the car drove over the staff member, injuring her severely. This is a serious incident and the administration should take proper action so that such incidents do not happen again”.

An investigation has been initiated in the case, with the police effectively inspecting CCTV footage captured at the toll booth to identify the perpetrator liable for the hit-and-run. The injured toll worker is getting medical attention, while efforts to deal with the culprit are in progress.

In April, another incident at a toll plaza had left at least three people dead and two critically injured when their speeding car hit a lorry from behind near the Musunuru toll plaza in Kavali, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. The victims were coming back from Chennai. 

First Published: May 14 2024 | 5:20 PM IST