February 21, 2024

People on the left absolutely looooooove to find weird excuses for people who commit crimes, no matter how absurd the excuse might be. There’s a whole strain of thought in lefty circles that truly believes that there’s no such thing as a criminal, only a struggling ‘artistic mind’ or some nonsense who’s been let down by the system, and any punishment for committing their crimes will stifle their creativity and lead to more harm than good. It’s really silly.

Now we’re not saying that this lady falls into that category of thought, but regardless she seems to have an extremely iffy grasp on the concept of what a ‘victimless crime’ is.

Wise words from a self described ‘socialist’. After all, who’s the victim when a car is broken into? Perhaps that Community Note that Nora earned will clue you in, as well as the many responses she received from people point out that yes, there are victims to crimes such as car theft.

But you know, other than you and your family who was the victim?


Of course Nora wasn’t going to let this go so easily. How can someone whose car has been stolen or destroyed be called a victim when they can get a new car out of the deal?!

Uhuh. This is all very well thought out.



It’s always the Canadians with these takes.

Would Nora consider having her house broken into and all her stuff stolen to be a ‘victimless crime’? You never know, some of these folks actually do put their money where their mouth is on that one… because they’re nuts.

Historically we used to all agree that words did indeed mean things, but that belief is probably heteronormative and toxic or something now to people on the left because they don’t seem to agree anymore at all.

Miss Loreto tried to double down to show how right she was about these issues, but for her trouble she got the distinction of having two Community Notes slapped on her tweets in the same thread. Outstanding job!

This is all very silly but it’s a reminder of the nutso mindset that’s infected a huge chunk of people on the left, both in America and in Canada. They truly believe that the problem isn’t that crimes are committed, the problem is that people are talking about crimes being committed and arresting people for committing crimes. In many cases this is all part of the intersectional worldview, believing that these criminals have legitimate grievances against the dominant cultures and people around them and are therefore indemnified from consequences when they look to get even with some ‘five finger reparations’. They’re just showing initiative to better themselves, don’t you see? They’re Robin Hood and that suburban mom whose minivan just got busted into and stolen is King John!

At the end of the day the problem with this mindset is that it makes so called ‘civil society’ less and less civil as time goes by, and the state of cities around the globe shows how that’s worked out. Let’s hope we’re not beyond the point of no return.


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