February 21, 2024

Elizabeth Warren has some interesting (read: wrong) takes on a lot of things including cryptocurrency, the economy, Islamophobia, SCOTUS, and more. She’s also a serial liar who faked Native American heritage for personal gain.

A real stand-up gal she is.

So when you read this take on Israel, it’s both unsurprising that Warren thinks this way and surprising in that ‘Holy hell, who thinks like that?!’ kind of way.

Egads. Could she be any more out of touch?

Absolutely breathtaking.

There was a ceasefire on October 6. Who ended it?

Oh, that’s right: Hamas.

And now, hopefully, Israel will end them.


They’ve made their objectives in Number 4 very obvious.

Like we said, the Queen of terrible takes.

Amazing she has to be told this.

Israel offered multiple ceasefires in exchange for the hostages. Hamas refused.

The chutzpah of her to say that is really incredible.

We all know what it is, too.


Vile is too kind.

Trying to understand her logic behind that thinking makes our brains hurt.

Yes, she is. As if Netanyahu is holding them hostage.

An excellent analogy.

‘Dances with Lies’ — well done. 

Solid advice.

Just some terrorist states, apparently.


But accurate.


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