May 20, 2024

Ostensibly, someone graduating from Columbia University is an adult, right? You would assume — after four years and over a quarter of a million dollars in tuition — graduation would be a solemn, happy occasion.

Not these days.

When childish protesters aren’t walking out of ceremonies, or protesting at them, or causing them to be canceled outright — some are choosing to use their walk across the stage as a political statement.

Watch one such student do that:

So adult. You’ve stopped the genocide in Gaza, cupcake! Give yourself a gold star!

Overgrown children, the lot of them.

We get the impression a lot of these students weren’t disciplined as kids.

She won’t go that far. Symbolism and virtue signaling is all they’re capable of.

They’ll make the same trouble in the workplace.

Although Google showed them how to handle it.


Never fear — Biden will forgive her student loans.

Fifteen seconds of fame.

Or infamy.

‘This torn piece of paper will end the non-existent genocide in Gaza!’

That’s the logic. Or lack thereof.


Good luck indeed.

Of course.

And imagine how she’d treat Jewish clients.

Not well, at all.

Ingrate doesn’t begin to cover it.

Congrats, indeed.