March 2, 2024

Former CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza was featured most recently for insisting that no journalist or the president had ever said, “learn to code.” He was met with Community Notes and screenshots of headlines saying “learn to code.”

Now Cillizza, a former insider, is warning us that the mainstream media is ignoring the threat that Donald Trump poses. This is after The Atlantic published an all-Trump issue consisting of 24 essays about the dangers of a second Trump term. Is that not mainstream enough? Never fear — Cillizza’s former employer, CNN, had the editor of that issue and several of the writers as guests on Jake Tapper’s “The Lead” to talk about the dangers of a second Trump term.

We’ll pass on the newsletter, but thanks.

He really thinks the media is ignoring how a second Trump term would be the end of Democracy.

Cillizza’s mad that Brian Stelter can’t bring on the quack psychiatrist who wanted Trump put in a 72-hour hold on every week.


Cillizza is sad because he can’t use CNN as a platform to express his TDS. What about the threat of another four years of Joe Biden? The mainstream media just noticed the border crisis last week.


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