March 4, 2024

Christine Blasey Ford is the brave woman who came forward during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings to testify that he’d raped her. The thought of President Donald Trump nominating a pro-life justice to the Supreme Court was enough of a threat for Ford to tell her story. During the confirmation hearings, we also learned that Kavanaugh used to spike the drinks at high school parties and set up gang rape rooms — Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse to this day is still combing through Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook for more proof that he sexually assaulted several women.

Hamilton Lincoln Law Institute’s Ted Frank is keeping us up-to-date on the scandal and lets us know that Ford will be releasing a memoir sometime this year.

Remember when people were arguing Christine Blasey Ford had “no motive to lie” and Leah Lorber and Bloomberg Law and a right-wing thinktank that should know better tried to cancel me because I pointed out that even a false accusation against Kavanaugh would be good for her mediocre academic career, just as it was for Anita Hill, who has a named professorship sinecure at Brandeis and a pile of honorary degrees despite having no publications or academic record of note?

Aside from the nonpecuniary benefits of an ESPN award and MSM fame, Blasey Ford now charges ~$50,000 for a speech, and will have a memoir coming out in 2024 that will surely get a million dollars of unpaid media if she wants it.


Frank is still a horrible person, suggesting that Ford would try to capitalize on her sexual assault. A memoir ought to be good, seeing as she couldn’t remember where she was when Kavanaugh raped her or who else was present, or how she got home.

Likely, despite the fact that she’ll do a book tour including every mainstream cable news outlet and be written up in the New York Times book section. Bringing out Ford in an election year to remind us the Republican candidate nominated a serial rapist for SCOTUS? There’s no way the media are going to pass that up.

Amazon says the book will be released on March 19, so be sure to tune into “The View” to hear Ford discuss her book.


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