May 24, 2024

Earlier today the @JoeBiden account posted a 15-second video with more editing cuts than a fight scene in a Liam Neeson movie in which the president challenged Donald Trump to a pair of debates. 

As we told you earlier today, Biden’s acceptance, of course, comes with many conditions, including “no audience,” among other things:

Here’s the full post:

The actual Biden debate news today: 

Biden is refusing to debate Trump in front of an audience of voters. 

His campaign is demanding big guardrails for Biden, including: 

– No audience. – No RFK Jr. 

– No Trump remarks during Biden’s answers. 

– Only Biden-friendly outlets & anchors can moderate (from CBS, ABC, CNN or Telemundo).

One of the outlets that will host a Biden/Trump debate is CNN, and it will be in June. There are many reasons CNN made the Biden campaign’s list of acceptable outlets, and some of those reasons have dollar signs in them. 

Biden’s video mocked Trump for having limited days of availability because of court matters (they don’t mind saying the quiet parts out loud), and CNN’s senior political reporter not only mentioned the Biden campaign already has merch on the market but helpfully provided a link: 


The Biden campaign might owe CNN a sales commission.

Will anybody at CNN also provide any links to Trump’s campaign website? Yeah, probably not.

What are the odds that the Biden campaign will have received all the debate questions by the end of the day?