February 21, 2024

As we told you earlier, you know it’s bad for Biden when even CNN is unable to carry his water anymore, but now the cable net’s fact-checker has, to his credit, decided not to ignore the doozies the president told last evening. 

Today the White House trotted out Biden WH adviser and super-weasel Ian Sams to tell more whoppers and pretend Biden didn’t tell any lies during his spin session about allegations of senility and storing classified documents in his garage. 

This is a pretty brutal takedown of Biden’s BS from last night, and coming from CNN it’s got to be fairly alarming for the White House press office to see: 

There’s yet another example to file under “W” for “When you’ve lost CNN.”

The Biden White House is fair game now. What comes next?


Better late than never!

That’s how you know it’s getting bad for Biden.


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