May 24, 2024

CNN is supposed to be the “centrist” network between liberal MSNBC and conservative Fox News. There’s no question, though, that CNN did everything it could to cost Donald Trump the 2020 election. Brian Stelter used to have as a usual guest Bandy X. Lee, the psychiatrist who thought that President Trump should be put in a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

And here’s Fareed Zakaria, who’s “troubled” by the poll numbers. This clip lasts for five and a half minutes, but it’s enlightening. Stick through to the very end. 

The “unity president,” right?


We commend Zakaria for not getting into “the end of democracy” bit.

Oh, they’ll get plenty of hate emails.

Oh no, the media still thinks their job is to drag Biden across the finish line. They’ll make sure Team Biden’s “end of democracy” threat is heard around the world.