February 21, 2024

HOPPY DAY Twitchy readers. We here at Twitchy bring you stories about happenings around the world daily, they usually involve US politics and they can sometimes be depressing even when we put that unique Twitchy snark on it.

So to lighten the mood of knowing our President probably needs to be in a nursing home lockdown unit instead of the Oval Office, we bring you FLORIDA KANAGROO! Seriously groundbreaking stuff.

Let’s HOP to it.

That 911 call is amusing if you listen to the audio. What would you say?
‘Umm … maybe animal control, we got a rogue Roo running about by the pool.’

If you look at some of the comments on that post it was wild. You would think they would all be pretty light and funny but NOPE. As we stated above, our world can be depressing and some people wanted to comment on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on a Kangaroo post. We are not going to include the posts, we just wanted to mention that some people need to find a chill button.

He spelled it wrong but CRIKEY seems like the correct expression here.


Florida is beautiful. It has so many fun things, but adding in Kangaroos and earthquakes on top of the normal gators, FLORIDA MAN situations, and hurricanes makes us want to reconsider visiting any time soon. WE KID, they have Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, it has to make up for the earthquakes.

That Kangaroo was just looking for the Pina Coladas. It wasn’t his fault he got lost. Have you ever tried to drive in Florida? It can be confusing and Roo was hopping. He had to be tired and ready to chill.

We are no experts, but we did not know you could own a Kangaroo either. This particular one looked pretty nice and calm, but they can be wild. If you have not seen it before look up some of those kangaroos that will fight people, just punch them in the face. It is wild. We know that sounds like it could fall into the depressing category but it is hilarious.


We hope that little lost Roo got some Pina Coladas for his pouch and is chilling on a couch by the pool.

G’day Mates!

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