April 23, 2024

Something that is refreshing to see in a sea full of nonsense is social media pages from professional and government organizations that appear to be run by mature adults whose first thought in the morning isn’t “Just how obnoxiously woke can I be today?”

All too often, though, what we get are accounts that are managed by indoctrinated 20-something leftists who think they’re going to change the world one tweet at a time even if it means alienating or otherwise offending at least half if not more of their audience – many of who do not enjoy having their intelligence insulted.

Biden White House tweeters are notorious for this, and speculation has run high that Biden himself has no idea on most (if any) days what his handlers have tweeted from his POTUS and Joe Biden accounts as well as the official one from the White House.

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Another example of this came Tuesday when the Amtrak Twitter account went woke on climate change while mocking commuters who were pictured outside one of Amtrak’s moving trains in Philadelphia:

For starters, one is not “saving the planet” if they travel on Amtrak. Consider their 2021 sustainability report, where they boasted about reduced emissions as a result of… less people traveling during the COVID pandemic:

Let’s look at that most recent sustainability report and see how Amtrak is reducing its emissions.

“Due to limited train service during the height of the pandemic, emissions were reduced 28% compared to FY19 (pre-pandemic), passing our reduction goal of 5% and staying on track to reduce 40% by 2030,” the sustainability report brags.

Likewise: “Reduced train service drove diesel fuel consumption down 32% compared to FY19 (pre-pandemic), passing our 5% reduction goal.”

But it was the mocking of people who were likely driving to work, school, or home – the taxpayers who, you know, subsidize Amtrak – that understandably rubbed some folks the wrong way.

“Nice to know a government-based company has a social media account run by a Gen Z mean girl,” wrote one.

“Americans have to work longer hours with less take-home pay to fund unprofitable tax sucking black holes like Amtrak. This disaster isn’t saving anything but some politicians’ bank account,” observed another.

Then there was this from another frustrated commuter:

If we had a railway system like Europe, then, yes, trains would be a great mode of transportation. But our railroads are antiquated and key destinations are not accessible. Don’t use “saving the planet” to mask an inept organization…

My thought on this is maybe spend less time tweeting and more time working to make your services better and trains safer?

I think the point has been made.

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