May 20, 2024

And … here … we … go … 

Can’t help but notice there is only one swing-state where Biden is winning and that’s only by one point even after he turned his back on Israel. 

Not good, Democrats.

Good news for Republicans … not Democrats.

So good news for America.

The Right absolutely must beat the Left at their own game.

Otherwise, the polling is useless.

His post continues:

However, this kind of poll can be detrimental. We (America First patriots) CANNOT let this kind of good news allow us become complacent. We cannot afford to go into this election with the attitude of “oh well he’s already going to win I don’t need to vote”. NO. That is what has gotten us in trouble before and what most certainly will get us in trouble again. We know the establishment powers are going to try and cheat/rig this election to the best of their abilities. 

@VivekGRamaswamy has said it best— this has to be such a massive landslide that even any shenanigans they try and pull will be irrelevant because the margins will be so great in our favor. We have to keep the train rolling. Don’t quit. Make this an election to remember.


In other words, we have to beat the cheat.

Period the end.



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