February 21, 2024

You know, it’s never a good thing when your choices as an elected offical are either guilty, stupid or too old to be charged. And looking at this thread from Benjamin Weingarten about the actual Hur Report … Biden is really all three.

He really and truly is lucky he’s too old to be charged, in this editor’s humble opinion. 

You’d think DOCTOR Jill Biden and Biden’s supporters would be glad for the ‘he’s too old’ distraction when you see the actual findings:

No big deal.

Just classified documents and you know, our nation’s security.


Oh, indeed.

Next thing you know, Biden will be ‘wiping’ his private server.

*cough cough*

As long as the Big Guy gets his 10%, right?


It’s good to be a Democrat.

Or, it’s (D)ifferent when they (D)o it.



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