April 25, 2024

We’re not exactly sure what David Hogg learned at Harvard but it wasn’t logic.

Hogg attempted to draw a false equivalency between gun control and abortion but seemed oblivious to the glaring contradiction in his argument.

It didn’t take Twitter/X users long to point out Hogg’s apples-to-oranges comparison and the irony of a guy who made a name for himself fighting to stop the killing of children suddenly advocating on behalf of the killing of children.

It never ends with this guy.

Hey, at least he was right about something for a change.

There it is. In attempting to pretend there is a logical inconsistency among conservatives who support both Second Amendment rights and the right of the unborn to live, Hogg accidentally illustrated the glaring logical inconsistency in his own position.

Conservatives oppose the killing of innocents by firearms and conservatives oppose the killing of innocents by abortifacients or abortion doctors.


Exactly. We already have laws against killing innocent human beings, except, of course, if those human beings happen to be unborn.

The purpose of guns is not to commit murder. The purpose of Planned Parenthood, however, is to commit abortion. Hogg, like many on the Left, can’t understand the distinction.

Lawful use of a gun does not result in murder. Lawful use of abortion does.

A person possessing a gun is not synonymous with killing a human. That is the sole intent of the act of abortion.

It’s a plain fact that the pro-choice crowd is opposed to the killing of children after birth (as is everyone) but can stomach it prior to birth. They agree with conservatives that the killing of innocents in a classroom is a moral evil but disagree that the killing of innocents in the womb is as well.


Hogg already has his hands full poorly advocating for restricting Amercans’ gun rights. Adding illogical defenses of the indefensible is a bad look.


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