March 4, 2024

We regret to inform you that Victor Shi is at it again. Shi, a Biden toady whose main claim to fame is having been the ‘youngest Biden delegate in 2020’, has a habit of claiming to have had conversations with various random people he encounters who he finds really really love Joe Biden now after the great job the doddering old man has done for the country. Sometimes he ‘talks’ to ‘people’ he ‘meets’ on airplanes about how great Biden is, sometimes it’s Shi’s own father who comes around on the greatness of Biden, and now apparently it’s his uber driver that is a ‘real American’ who’s a big Biden fan.

Sure, Victor. This conversation very much happened, everyone believes you.

We should listen to the children, they are wise beyond their years.

Shi’s on an extended rampage about how the media just isn’t treating Biden fairly, which is another of the schtick’s he likes to do on Twitter sometimes. His ‘conversation’ with a very real ‘Uber driver’ was followed very quickly by his outrage at finding that the New York Times, unlike his Uber driver, apparently thinks Biden’s age-related mental decline is a story. Can you imagine? They should have checked with Victor’s Uber driver before ever letting these stories go to press!


Biden’s age is a threat to our Democracy?! Of course not, everything’s peachy everywhere you look. Biden’s doing a great job, right? We really hope that Victor gets paid for doing this, because that would somehow be less sad than the alternative that he’s being this much of a sad little shill for free.

Journalism is when you print that Republicans = Bad and Democrats = Good. What’s not to understand?

It really is funny when Democrats have to face even a fraction of the ‘journalistic’ opprobrium that Republicans have to face every minute of the day and absolutely collapse in paroxysms of rage because it of. They really do live in a little bubble.

Everybody hates having their biases questioned, but Democrats are so unused to having it happen to them that they really don’t know what to do when it does.

Victor’s a shill but he’s useful as a barometer of what messages the Democrats are trying to get out into the world. He likely gets the same talking points from the Biden campaign as everybody else, but being a kid (and not a very bright kid at that) he’s particularly ham-fisted in trying to get the message out there so it’s pretty easy to read between the lines and understand what he’s been asking to sell. In this case he’s doing what we all could have assumed the White House would want their people to do, talk up how much the working man ‘connects’ with Joe despite his having ‘slowed down a bit’ and how wrong it is for the media to be making an issue over the fact that Biden is blatantly non compos mentis for most of his waking hours. You hope that one day Victor grows up and looks back on this period in his life with shame, but it probably won’t happen.


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