February 21, 2024

Yet another Democratic city is drowning under the weight of illegal immigration. 

Speaking to the media on Friday morning, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced that various budget cuts would be required to help fund the welfare of thousands of illegal aliens arriving in the capital of Colorado:

I’m here to talk a little bit about the devastating failure of Republican leadership in Congress this week to pass comprehensive immigration change and the impact that will have on both city budgets and on services that we can provide for newcomers in the city. 

The second is that we will start to have greenlight a series of hard decisions about budget reductions across the city to meet those costs that we know will continue to arrive. We want to talk abou two of those days, while they are the first steps they may not be the last or the hardest.

Among the latest round of cuts imposed by Johnston will affect the DMV and Parks and Recreation, meaning fewer hours will be available to hourly and seasonal workers, some of whom have worked that job for decades:

We know that folks who’ve been seasonal workers for us for 20 years, so I don’t want to hide the fact that this matters a lot to those people that are on the frontlines. This is a plan for shared sacrifice. This is what good people do in hard situations as you try to manage your way to serve all of our values.

Johnston also called on Congress to find a solution to the ongoing border crisis that would allow for a “balanced flow” of people and additional federal resources.

“We would have a balanced flow of people that would come with work authorization,” Johnston explained. “That would come with federal resources, and cities like ours could successfully integrate them.”

The Democratic Mayor, whose city offers “sanctuary” status to illegal immigrants, blamed Republicans for the situation and suggested they are secretly enjoying the border crisis.

“They would have rather seen it fail so they could exacerbate these problems, extend the suffering of the American people and for newcomers for their own election chances this November,” he continued.

Regardless of whom Johnston blames for the crisis, his latest round of measures seemingly indicate the city is close to breaking point. Earlier this week, it was reported that city officials had to kick out hundreds of migrants from shelters due to lack of resources. 

Similar to New York and Chicago, Denver is among a list of blue cities chosen by Texas Governor Greg Abbott as a place to send illegals so that they can bear the cost of their own policymaking.

Last month, Abbott indicated that he would not stop busing illegals to cities such as Denver unless the Biden administration took the decision to close the southern border. 

“Texas has transported over 102,000 migrants to sanctuary cities,” Abbott wrote on the X platform. “Overwhelmed Texas border towns should not bear the brunt of Biden’s open border policies. Our transportation mission will continue until Biden secures the border.”