May 20, 2024

Back in April, we told you about the work Jeff Charles was doing over at RedState concerning Dexter Taylor. Taylor, of NY, took up gunsmithing as a hobby. He never committed a crime, never hurt anyone. But following a trial in which the presiding judge said the second amendment didn’t exist in her courtroom or the state of New York, Dexter was found guilty of multiple gun-related charges.

Yesterday, Taylor learned his fate: a decade in prison.

A travesty of justice.

Here is more background for those unfamiliar with the story:

Read the whole thing.

There isn’t a justice system; there is lawfare.

Insanity is putting it mildly.

Absolutely sick.


It is tyranny.

The selective enforcement of laws to suit a political agenda.

Yes, it should.

Like we said: a two-tiered justice system.

Yes it does.

The judge should — but won’t — be disciplined and removed for that statement.

It should disqualify her from any other trials, and every other trial she’s presided over should get a second look.

Evil indeed.

When the Left talks about ‘criminal justice reform’, what they mean is let the criminals run loose and put law-abiding citizens in prison to suit their political agenda.

They don’t care about men like Dexter Taylor, but we do.