March 4, 2024

Yesterday afternoon, we found out that a very large group of Chinese nationals were found crossing illegally into the United States at the California border. And we have seen over and over again images from the southern border of single men, mostly of military age, and many coming from the Middle East or Africa also crossing illegally. 

This would spark any sane administration to instantly crack down on border crossings and begin efforts to locate and deport these illegal immigrants. In fact, some might liken it more to ‘invasion’ than immigration. But for the failed Biden administration, this is all just perfectly fine. 

What’s more, Democrats have gone one better than even that. On the same day the Chinese nationals were found illegally crossing the border, Senator Dick Durbin announced that we should be letting illegal aliens into the United States Armed Forces. 


The legislation Durbin is referring to here was introduced by fellow Democrat Senator from Illinois Tammy Duckworth. Other Democrats have tried to introduce similar legislation. And there is simply no other way to describe it than batpoop insane. 


The explanation is not as difficult as it might seem. Why would Democrats want to do this? Simple. They don’t want a military loyal to the United States or our Constitution, they want a military loyal to the people who gave them their positions. 

And hey, if they happen to also be loyal to China, Venezuela, Iran, or Yemen, so be it, right Democrats? 

As with everything, there are parallels in history for Durbin and Duckworth’s proposal.

There is pretty much a direct line of sight between the Romans allowing invading foreigners to settle their lands and join their military to the overthrow and fall of the Western Roman Empire. But far be it from Senate Democrats to read a book. 

We see what you did there. 

Of course, Durbin laments the recruiting problems of our current armed forces but refuses to look in a mirror to see the cause of those problems. Twitter helped him out on that front. 

Imagine that. People who traditionally wanted to join the military want nothing to do with the woke joke our leaders are trying to turn it into. 

At this point, it’s difficult to argue against the conclusion that this is their actual intention. 


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