May 28, 2024

Disney has known Tinker Bell to have been “problematic” for several years, but there’s news going around Tuesday explaining why there are no more “meet-and-greet” opportunities for Tinker Bell. An unnamed Disney representative is quoted as saying:

Tinkerbell, unfortunately, has become a problematic image for our guests; specifically, young girls. Specifically, in terms of the portrayal of an unrealistic body image as well as dependency of approval and/or attention from Peter Pan, as seen in previous incarnations of the character. We feel these traits are no longer representative of our inclusive focused values and thus, are currently in process of redesigning an updated Tinkerbell for modern audiences.

We don’t have a source on the Disney representative, but it’s so very easy to believe this is 100 percent real considering Disney’s “inclusive focused values.”

This is the same Disney that has an overweight man in a dress escorting young girls into the “Enchanted Chamber.”

According to The Hill, “Boutique cast members, who help children dress up as their favorite Disney characters, will now be called ‘Fairy God Mother’s Apprentices’ instead of ‘Fairy God Mothers in Training’ to allow workers who do not identify as women to be a part of the magic.”

But Tinker Bell’s body image is problematic? Because she’s thin? And subservient to Peter Pan?


But the fact that you can’t tell if it’s real or not is “problematic.”

MSN reports:

The move from Disney comes after it confirmed her disappearance from meet-and-greets at the resort in February.

“Disney character ‘meet and greets’ do change in the Disney Parks,” wrote a planDisney representative in response to a question about Tinker Bell’s disappearance. “It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the Walt Disney World Resort website for character updates”

Tinker Bell has reportedly faced scrutiny from Disney’s Stories Matter team ahead of the debut of Disney+ in 2019. The team reportedly flagged and labeled the character to Disney executives as “potentially problematic,” claiming that she is “body conscious” and “jealous of Peter Pan’s attention,” according to a 2022 report from The New York Times.

She’s “body conscious”? And that’s not healthy for young girls to be around?

They do strive to be inclusive.

This is unreal. MSN reports that Tinker Bell has been removed from meet-and-greets and alludes to a New York Times article where Disney expressed concern about her being “body conscious.”

Maybe the quote is fake but we wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were redesigning the character to be more inclusive.